Materials Modelling Laboratory

Seminars - Trinity Term 2010

Seminars are usually on Friday at 2pm in the Hume-Rothery Lecture Theatre (exceptions are noted below).

Friday 30 Apr, 2pm, Dr. Roman Gröger (Institute of Physics of Materials, Czech Republic)
Atomistic calculations of the Eshelby twist in bcc metals

Friday 21 May, 2pm, Dr. Moritz Hoesch (STFC - Diamond)
Splitting in the Fermi surface of ZrTe3: a surface charge-density-wave system

Tuesday 25 May, 2pm, Prof. Young-Woo Son (Soeul, Korea)
Controlling physical properties of graphene systems
(note different day)

Friday 4th June, 2pm, Dr. Nicola Bonini (Oxford)
Transport properties of carbon nanostructures from first principles

Friday 11 June, 2pm, Dr. Barbara Montanari (RAL)
Magnetic Properties of Organic Crystals: Predictions from First Principles

Friday 18th June, 2pm, Dr. Andrea Floris (King's College)
Applications of superconducting density functional theory Abstract

%Monday 21th June, 2pm, Dr. Fei Zhou (UCLA)
Efficient modeling of actinide nuclear fuels: a first-principles probe of the ground and excited states. Abstract
(note different day)

Friday 25th June, 2pm, David Strubbe (UC Berkeley)
Ab initio studies of optical and transport properties of organic molecules Abstract

Friday 2nd July, 2pm, Dr. Boris Kozinsky (Bosch GMBh)
First principles modeling of materials for energy storage and conversion applications Abstract

Monday 5th July, 2pm, Prof. Damian Scherlis (University of Buenos Aires)
Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics simulations at solid-liquid interfaces with a continuum solvent model Abstract
(note different day)

Tuesday 13th July, 11:30am, Prof. V. Vitek (University of Pennsylvania)
What controls the choice of the slip system in different intermetallic compounds with B2 structures Abstract
(note different day)

Wednesday 14th July, 2pm, Dr. Paola Verrucchi (CNR Florence)
Optimal dynamics for quantum-state and entanglement transfer through homogeneous quantum systems Abstract
(note different day)

Seminar Organizers: Feliciano Giustino, Aleksey Kolmogorov, Nicola Marzari, Jonathan Yates.
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